We’ve helped sustainable brands generate over $200M in revenue.


“Pierre and his team have been great partners to work with. They’re incredibly detail oriented and are always coming up with creative solutions to any challenges we’re working through. I also appreciate how thoughtful and transparent they are in their work. It’s rare to find a performance agency that cares so much about their client’s success. Highly recommend them to any eComm operators who are wanting to scale their biz.”

Jack Meredith, Vice President Marketing Kettle & Fire

“In a short time, Pierre was able to 8x our Facebook Ad Spend, within KPIs.”

Markus Karjalainen, CMO / Founding Team, Four Sigmatic

“It was great to work with Pierre when we were low on resources and needed help scaling our paid spends. He helped to drive acquisition while meeting our cost targets. He’s transparent, genuine and a lovely guy. I’d happily recommend Pierre to e-commerce teams who are looking for someone to help with their performance marketing.”

Adam Trouncer, CEO, Athletic Greens

“Beaini Brands combines a top notch analytical approach and artists creativity to yield exceptional results. We have 10x’d our monthly spend under their guidance.”

Steve O'Dell, Co-founder, Tenzo Tea

“Beaini Brands is the best ads partner there is. Their systematic approach to improving ad performance is the most in-depth, thoughtful and data-driven method out there. And it works!”

Andrew Cariboni, Co-founder, Unbound Merino

“After going through multiple agencies and Facebook consultants, we began working with Pierre, who has succeeded in bringing our account to a sustainable level that we were not able to achieve beforehand. Pierre's tracking is incredibly detailed, so it's easy for us to see what's happening on a daily and monthly basis. I highly recommend Pierre to anyone who is serious about their Facebook strategy.”

Robbie Thomas, Marketing Operations, SuperFat

“As a bootstrapped solo founder wearing all of the hats, it was important for me to get a solid understanding of how to spend profitably on Facebook. There are many 'Facebook experts' out there and it's hard to figure out who to trust when you're new to the game. Luckily, the universe put Pierre on my path after several failed attempts with other 'experts', and his guidance was critical in turning my business around and scaling our ad spend profitably. Pierre is the cream of the crop in performance marketing.”

Tim Sotoadeh, Founder, Broya

“Working with Pierre has been a pleasure. Since day one he has come up with ingenious tips and tweaks we could make on the site to not only make our product more appealing but increase the revenue. Our Average Order Value AOV increased 20% in less than 14 days, and our Facebook ads reached a record high in about a month. Pierre’s input towards the company goes beyond ads and towards overall functionality, a sign that shows he cares towards the Brands growth.”

Teodoro Armenteros, Co-founder, Kimera Koffee

“I really liked working with the Beaini Brands team. They are very skilled strategic marketers and operators with an incredible data-driven process which really helped us to set the foundation to run facebook ads in a more effective way.”

Niccolò Gloazzo, Director of eCommerce, Kettle & Fire